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Recently I discovered running XBMC KODI using 1channel addon I could watch movies and TV shows wirelessly to my smart TV through the WiFi and by turning on a few settings inside KODI.
Let me show you what I mean.
First you'll need any device running the latest version of KODI. This can be done from any computer ie Mac or PC and any tablet or phone as well ie Android or iOS. Download KODI for your platform here: http://kodi.tv/download
Setup and use is the same across all platforms running latest version of KODI.
Open KODI and scroll to the right and open SYSTEM Settings
Web Server (PCs have to edit and add 80 more so it reads as shown here port 8080
Remote control
Now install 1channel and to do this, highlight SYSTEM and under in the sub menu you'll see file manager. Open file manager and add source.
Add source add the URL as shown by clicking None and typing in the url http://fusion.tvaddons.ag/
Click done
Then give it a name *fusion and click done
Now click ok to finish
SELECT xbmc-repos
Select English
Once you select it, the repo will add itself to get Addons
Select video Addons 
Select for example featured
any other preferred search location.
Select a movie or tv show
For example I select Chappie
File link locations appear. This is where you select specific link names that will work with your smart tv
For example I have my samsung smart tv and I've setup a WiFi connection or Ethernet works too but the important thing to remember is what ever internet I use to connect my Smart TV my other device like my iPad or laptop needs to be on same network either directly connected via Ethernet or preferably WiFi. Personally both my iPad and TV are on the same WiFi network.
Make sure TV is on and has a connection.
I need to open sub menu options for the file link but I also must choose specific file links that have the word vid in it such as vidzi,realvid, vidbull, etc. I know this seems like wtf I know but from what I've tested they all work if they have a vid somewhere in the name LOL wtf
Another example vidbull
Once you find one like this one you need to open sub menu for the file source. This is only possible if you followed the steps earlier under configure and adjusted the "Source Selection Method" to "Directory"
Anyways.... To open this option and choose "play using" for computers use your mouse or touch pad and right click vidbull. Or using a keyboard, highlight file source ie vidbull and press the C key on the keyboard. Any tablet or cell touch screen device select the source by long pressing vidbull for more than a second and let go then the play using sub menu will appear.
As long as the link is good your tv should recognize it and pick it up.
After a few seconds it should load on your tv as shown
And yippy!
Any computer, phone or tablet running KODI and using 1channel addon it is now extremely easy to watch any tv show or movie wirelessly and effortlessly on your smart TV.
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KODI Entertainment Center runs on many types of hardware platforms and one of the most popular is the Android platform. Android is light weight and easy to setup and use. It also has the most problems especially when preinstalled or sold by companies who do not provide software updates or support.

In 2013 when the XBMC Foundation released the beta version of XBMC for Android, it exploded across the world. At the time Android was still in the beginning stages of working out a overall device compatibility issues with H/W hardware acceleration video playback.

The problem is, there are so many different types of Android hardware, when Google releases their open-source Android OS software, hardware manufacturers must rewrite the coating to work in the compatible with the hardware they sell. This means they must test and continually update to work out any bugs.

When XBMC was made available for Android there was a rush to fill the demand and sadly the market was flooded with inferior Chinese preloaded and outdated crap. Without going a further I'm going to get to the point, there are a list of devices that are recommended by the official creators of KODI The XBMC Foundation; to specifically to run their software XBMC/KODI/TVMC etc.

The devices they recommend  are all official android devices and are guaranteed to work properly with XBMC/KODI. We are here to help you do what you enjoy, streaming TV movies! We take pride in providing you with the correct information which gives you the results you're looking for. You can trust that we are not here to sell you anything but rather provide you with information that saves you money.
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